Invalid Refund Request
Started by AviarTheAviator

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01-05-2017, 07:08 AM -
[Image: 9de38eb08ddb02b6fdb0ceeebdf15206.png]

I want a refund because I was just inspecting the item but I did "Accept" instead of "Decline Offer" or whatever on the mobile authenticator on my iPad. The reason I was inspecting was because of the description and the paint, I thought it was peculiar that the item had no description (even though this might seem to you guys like "what", but I'm somewhat new to trading and I don't know every aspect), and so I accepted it via the steam tab to see if I could get a better look at it on my Mobile Authenticator. Afterwards, when I finished inspecting, I realized I was done with the trade and pressed "Decline Offer" or whatever. I thought I had done the right thing and checked my trade offer history for further confirmation, and I was surprised to see it said "Trade Accepted". I would like a refund since it was an accident and a mistake, and while this might seem strange for me to confirm it for step 1 to get a closer look at it, it is what I always do. (Click on the words, its a link)

What I want refunded is my 9.33 ref in exchange for the unwanted in the first place Strange Dr. Whoa!

Thanks for considering my refund request STN team!
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01-08-2017, 02:37 PM -
We do not reverse correct trades.
PS: Just sell the item.

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