Your offer is waiting for confirmation.
Started by Dewey

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09-30-2017, 06:42 PM -
I get a different error every now and then. Sometimes it's "you have too many pending offers" or "you don't have enough metal" none of which are true.
Right now all I get is "Your offer is waiting for confirmation." I tried logging out and in again but still the same.


edit: seems to be working now

edit: new error: "An error occured: It seems you don't have enough pure! Sell some Items first!" even though i have 75 refined
Is it possible that the bot doesn't have change to give for refined?

edit: new error: "We have detected an error whilst sending your TradeOffer: Steam Error: There was an error sending your trade offer. Please try again later. (15)"


edit: seems to be working now
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